G Shape Headset | Earpiece for Motorola 2 Pin Radio

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G Shape Earpiece for Motorola 2 Pin Radio

This G shaped earpiece is a low-cost solution for the two way radio user who wants private communication. A coiled wire leaves the radio and goes to push to talk (PTT) microphone which is designed to perform well in the loudest atmospheres. The second wire goes from the PTT microphone unit to a G-shaped earpiece.

Great for anyone that finds the ear-buds on acoustic tube earpieces irritating to wear. This is a very comfortable rubberised earpiece and currently being used by Police forces and some other emergency services in the UK. The relatively low price makes it a good option when you need to buy a large number of earpieces and want the superior performance and reliability you won’t find in cheap throwaway models.

This earpiece features a 90 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

  • Rubberised earpiece fits comfortably over the users ear.
  • Replaceable ear-buds provides all day wearing comfort.
  • Provides excellent durability, reliability and performance.
  • Built-in noise cancelling push to talk (PTT) microphone.
  • Currently used by police & emergency services in the UK. 
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